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Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that enables anyone to visualize and analyze data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding. It connects users to a broad range of data through easy-to-use dashboards, interactive reports, and compelling visualizations that bring data to life.

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Introduction to Power BI - Need, Imprtance Power BI - Advantages and Scalable Options History - Power View, Power Query, Power Pivot Power BI Data Source Library and DW Files Cloud Colloboration and Usage Scope Business Analyst Tools, MS Cloud Tools Power BI Installation and Cloud Account Power BI Cloud and Power BI Service Power BI Architecture and Data Access OnPremise Data Acces and Microsoft On Drive Power BI Desktop - Instalation, Usage Sample Reports and Visualization Controls Power BI Cloud Account Configuration Understanding Desktop & Mobile Editions Report Rendering Options and End User Access Power View and Power Map. Power BI Licenses Course Plan - Power BI Online Training


Report Design with Legacy & .DAT Files Report Design with Databse Tables Understanding Power BI Report Designer Report Canvas, Report Pages: Creation, Renames Report Visuals, Fields and UI Options Experimenting Visual Interactions, Advantages Reports with Multiple Pages and Advantages Pages with Multiple Visualizations. Data Access PUBLISH Options and Report Verification in Cloud "GET DATA" Options and Report Fields, Filters Report View Options: Full, Fit Page, Width Scale Report Design using Databases & Queries Query Settings and Data Preloads Navigation Options and Report Refresh Stacked bar chart, Stacked column chart Clustered bar chart, Clustered column chart Adding Report Titles. Report Format Options Focus Mode, Explore and Export Settings


Power BI Design: Canvas, Visualizations and Fileds Import Data Options with Power BI Model, Advantages Direct Query Options and Real-time (LIVE) Data Access Data Fields and Filters with Visualizations Visualization Filters, Page Filters, Report Filters Conditional Filters and Clearing. Testing Sets Creating Customised Tables with Power BI Editor General Properties, Sizing, Dimensions, and Positions Alternate Text and Tiles. Header (Column, Row) Properties Grid Properties (Vertical, Horizontal) and Styles Table Styles & Alternate Row Colors - Static, Dynamic Sparse, Flashy Rows, Condensed Table Reports. Focus Mode Totals Computations, Background. Boders Properties Column Headers, Column Formatting, Value Properties Conditional Formatting Options - Color Scale Page Level Filters and Report Level Filters Visual-Level Filters and Format Options Report Fields, Formats and Analytics Page-Level Filters and Cortana - Q & A Options Column Formatting Options, Titles Background Properties, Borders and Lock Aspect


CHART Report Types and Properties STACKED BAR CHART, STACKED COLUMN CHART CLUSTERED BAR CHART, CLUSTERED COLUMN CHART 100% STACKED BAR CHART, 100% STACKED COLUMN CHART LINE CHARTS, AREA CHARTS, STACKED AREA CHARTS LINE AND STACKED ROW CHARTS LINE AND STACKED COLUMN CHARTS WATERFALL CHART, SCATTER CHART, PIE CHART Field Properties: Axis, Legend, Value, Tooltip Field Properties: Color Saturation, Filters Types Formats: Legend, Axis, Data Labels, Plot Area Data Labels: Visibility, Color and Display Units Data Labels: Precision, Position, Text Options Analytics: Constant Line, Position, Labels Working with Waterfall Charts and Default Values Modifying Legends and Visual Filters - Options Map Reports: Working with Map Reports Hierarchies: Grouping Multiple Report Fields Hierarchy Levels and Usages in Visualizations Preordered Attribute Collection - Advantages Using Field Hierarchies with Chart Reports Advanced Query Mode @ Connection Settings - Options Direct Import and In-memory Loads, Advantages


Hierarchies and Drilldown Options Hierarchy Levels and Drill Modes - Usage Drill-thru Options with Tree Map and Pie Chart Higher Levels and Next Level Navigation Options Aggregates with Bottom/Up Navigations. Rules Multi Field Aggregations and Hierarchies in Power BI DRILLDOWN, SHOWNEXTLEVEL, EXPANDTONEXTLEVEL SEE DATA and SEE RECORDS Options. Differences Toggle Options with Tabular Data. Filters Drilldown Buttons and Mouse Hover Options @ Visuals Dependant Aggregations, Independant Aggregations Automated Records Selection with Tabular Data Report Parameters : Creation and Data Type Available Values and Default values. Member Values Parameters for Column Data and Table / Query Filters Parameters Creation - Query Mode, UI Option Linking Parameters to Query Columns - Options Edit Query Options and Parameter Manage Entries Connection Parameters and Dynamic Data Sources Synonyms - Creation and Usage Options


Understanding Power Query Editor - Options Power BI Interface and Query / Dataset Edits Working with Empty Tables and Load / Edits Empty Table Names and Header Row Promotions Undo Headers Options. Blank Columns Detection Data Imports and Query Marking in Query Editor JSON Files & Binary Formats with Power Query JavaScript Object Notation - Usage with M Lang. Applied Steps and Usage Options. Revert Options creating Query Groups and Query References. Usage Query Rename, Load Enable and Data Refresh Options Combine Queries - Merge Join and Anti-Join Options Combine Queries - Union and Union All as New Dataset M Language : NestedJoin and JoinKind Functions REPLACE, REMOVE ROWS, REMOVE COL, BLANK - M Lang Column Splits and FilledUp / FilledDown Options Query Hide and Change Type Options. Code Generation


Invoke Function and Freezing Columns Creating Reference Tables and Queries Detection and Removal of Query Datasets Custom Columns with Power Query Power Query Expressions and Usage Blank Queries and Enumuration Value Generation M Language Sematics and Syntax. Tranform Types IF..ELSE Conditions, TransformColumn() Types RemoveColumns(), SplitColumns(),ReplaceValue() Table.Distinct Options and GROUP BY Options Table.Group(), Table.Sort() with Type Conversions PIVOT Operation and Table.Pivot(). List Functions Using Parameters with M Language (Power Query Editor) Advanced Query Editor and Parameter Scripts List Generation and Table Conversion Options Aggregations using PowerQuery & Usage in Reports Report Generation using Web Pages & HTML Tables Reports from Page collection with Power Query Aggregate and Evaluate Options with M Language


Purpose of Data Analysis Expresssions (DAX) Scope of Usage with DAX. Usabilty Options DAX Context : Row Context and Filter Context DAX Entities : Calculated Columns and Measures DAX Data Types : Numeric, Boolean, Variant, Currency Datetime Data Tye with DAX. Comparison with Excel DAX Operators & Symbols. Usage. Operator Priority Parenthesis, Comparison, Arthmetic, Text, Logic DAX Functions and Types: Table Valued Functions Filter, Aggregation and Time Intelligence Functions Information Functions, Logical, Parent-Child Functions Statistical and Text Functions. Formulas and Queries Syntax Requirements with DAX. Differences with Excel Naming Conventions and DAX Format Representation Working with Special Characters in Table Names Calcualted COlumns and Calculated Measures with DAX Attribute / Column Scope with DAX - Examples Measure / Column Scope with DAX - Examples DAX Expressions with Measures and Columns DAX for Query Extraction, Data Mashup Operations


YTD, QTD, MTD Calculations with DAX DAX Expressions with Power View DAX Calculations and Measures Using TOPN, RANKX, RANK.EQ Computations using STDEV & VAR SAMPLE Function, COUNTALL, ISERROR ISTEXT, DATEFORMAT, TIMEFORMAT Time Intelligence Functions with DAX Data Analysis Expressions and Functions DATESYTD, DATESQTD, DATESMTD ENDOFYEAR, ENDOFQUARTER,ENDOFMONTH FIRSTDATE, LASTDATE, DATESBETWEEN CLOSINGBALANCEYEAR,CLOSINGBALANCEQTR SAMEPERIOD and PREVIOUSMONTH,QUARTER KPIs with DAX. Vertipaq Queries in DAX Data Type Conversions with DAX Routines


Building Power BI Report Model with DAX Modelling Roles and Techniques Building columns for specific charts Using DAX for Slicing Operations in Power BI IF..ELSEIF.. Conditions with DAX Slicing and Dicing Options with Columns, Measures Loading individual tables, Default Values Implementing Measures, Hierarchies Creating Dynamic Columns and Measures in DAX Query Dependancies and Transformations Improving the report by using measures Working with Power BI Views - Performance KPIs and Actions with Power BI Building blocks of Power BI Creating high-density reports Using Images and Videos with Power Reports Conditional Splits, Merge and Pivot/Unpivot POWER APPS, LOGIC APPS, MICROSOFT FLOW Introducing the Power BI REST API


PowerBI Report Validation and Publish Understanding PowerBI Cloud Architecture PowerBI Cloud Account and Workspace Reports and DataSet Items Validation Dashboards and Pins - Real-time Usage Dynamic Data Sources and Encryptions Personal and Organizational Content Packs Gateways, Subscriptions, Mobile Reports Data Refresh with Power BI Architecture PBIX and PBIT Files with Power BI - Usage Visual Data Imprts and Visual Schemas Cloud and On-Premise Data Sources How PowerBI Supports Data Model? Relation between Dashbaords to Reports Relation between Datasets to Reports Relation between Datasets to Dashbaords Page to Report - Mapping Options Publish Options and Data Import Options Need for PINS @ Visuals and PINS @ Reports Need for Data Streams and Cloud Intergration


Report Publish Options and Verifications Working with Power BI Cloud Interface & Options Navigation Paths with "My Workspace" Screens FILE, VIEW, EDIT REPORTS, ACCESS, DRILLDOWN Saving Reports into pdf, pptx, etc. Report Embed Report Rendering and EDIT, SAVE, Print Options Report PIN and individual Visual PIN Options Create and Use Dashboards. Menu Options Goto Dashboard and Goto LIVE Page Options Operations on Pinned Reports and Visuals TITLE, MEDIA, USAGE METRICS & FAVOURITES SUBSCRIPTION Options and Reports with Mobile View Options with Report Page : Print and Subscribe Report Actions: USAGE METRICS, ANALYSE IN EXCEL Report Actions: RELATED ITEMS, RENAME, DELETE Dashboard Actions: USAGE METRICS, RELATED ITEMS Dashboard Actions: SETTINGS FOR Q & A, DELETE PIN Actions: USAGE METRICS, SHARE, RELATED ITEMS PIN Actions: SETTINGS FOR Q & A, DELETE EDIT DASHBOARD (CLOUD), On-The-Fly Reports Dataset Actions: CREATE REPORT, REFRESH SCHEDULED REFRESH & RELATED ITEMS Dashboard Integration with Apps in Power BI


Publish PowerBI Report Templates Import and Export Options with Power BI Dataset Navigations and Report Navigations Quick Navigation Options with "My Workspace" Dashboards, Workbooks, Reports, Datasets Working with MY WORK SPACE group Installing the Power BI Personal Gateway Automatic Refresh - Possible Issues Adding images to the dashboards Reading & Editing Power BI Views Power BI Templates (pbit)- Creation, Usage Managing report in Power BI Services PowerBI Gateway - Download and Installation Personal and Enterprise Gateway Features PowerBI Settings : Dataset - Gateway Integration Configuring Dataset for Manual Refresh of Data Configuring Automatic Refresh and Schdules Workbooks and Alerts with Power BI Dataset Actions and Refresh Settings with Gateway Using natural Language Q&A to data - Cortana


Data Navigation Paths and Data Splits Getting data from existing systems Data Refresh and LIVE Connections pbit and pbix : differences. Usage Options Quick Insights For Power BI Reports Quick Insights For PowerBI Dashboads Generating Insights with Cloud Datasets Generarting Reports with Cloud Datasets Using relational databases on-premises Using relational databases in the cloud Consuming a service content pack Creating a custom data set from a service Creating a content pack for your organization Consuming an organizational content pack Updating an organizational content pack Adding Tiles : Images, Videos, DataStreams Creating New Reports from Cortana, Advantages

CHAPTER 15 : POWER BI with Microsoft R

Install / Configure MRAN R Language Usage and R Analytics Enabling R Visuals in Power BI Using R For Big Data Analytics Using R Packages with Power BI R Data Analysis in Power BI - Advantages Working with R Script Editor Working with Plotting Commands, Modifications Manual/Schedule Refresh of R Scripts Machine Learning Techniques - Power BI SCALA and PYTHON Data Access Machine Learning Techniques - Power BI Creating high-density reports Working with ArcGIS Maps, ESRI Files Genrating QR Codes for Reports Dashboards - Security Options in AD Visuals and Pins - Security Options in AD Using R for Power BI Reports and Dashboards Streaming DataSets with Microsoft R


SSRS Integration with Power BI SSRS Report Portal URL to Power BI Cloud Power BI KPI Reports Vs SSRS KPI Reports Convering and Working with Mobile Reports Report Buidler Reports to Powert BI Generating QR Codes and Report Security Reporting JSON Files, Bulk Data Loads SQL Azure and Azure Market Place SCALA and PYTHON Data Access Creating high-density Reports inPower BI OLAP DataSources in Power BI Using MDX Queries with PowerBI Queries MDX SELECT and Perspective Access KPIs and MDX Expressions with Power BI MDX Queries and Filters with Power BI Working with Pivot & Unpivot columns YTD, PARALLELPERIOD,SCOPE, ALLMEMBERS WHERE, EXCEPT, RANGE, NONEMPTY CURRENT & EMPTY, AND / OR, LEFT / RIGHT SCOPE, THIS, THIS, FREEZE Functions   Choosing between DAX and MDX

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